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Among other things, the recent increase in job opportunities in Brooklyn has led to a steady rise in taxi traffic entering and exiting the borough. It’s understandable that, as younger New Yorkers flock to Brooklyn, cabs will follow. According to the Taxi & Limousine Commission’s 2014 Taxicab Fact Book, more than two – thirds of cab passengers are under 35. In order to serve these potential costumers, the TLC has invested millions in its “Boro Taxi” program, producing a fleet of 18,000 green cabs prohibited from accepting fares in Manhattan. All this means that transportation opportunities will increase in Brooklyn. But along with more cabs, comes more cab accidents. With taxi accidents on the rise, our experienced cab accident lawyers are here to help.

Taxi Accident Law Firm Serves Brooklyn

New York City’s taxi industry serves travelers from and to Manhattan far more than any other borough. 90.3% of all taxi fares are picked up there. Slightly behind NYC’s airports, JFK and LaGuardia, comes Brooklyn, which accounts for 3.1% of all taxi pick-ups. But that’s 3.1% of 485,000 daily trips. The math comes out to almost 17,000 trips originating in or going to Brooklyn, every day. And, at the risk of sounding dramatic, that’s 17,000 opportunities to be injured.

You’re actually less likely to be involved in a taxi collision than a private-vehicle crash. But according to a groundbreaking study performed in 2006, you are three times as likely to be seriously injured in a taxi than any other vehicle. You can find the full report here. Why?

For one, very few passengers actually wear their seat belts. In 1999, only 17% of injured taxi riders were wearing them at the time of their accidents. But another primary cause of severe injury is built into the taxi. The hard plastic partition separating a cab’s front from its back seat is responsible for numerous traumatic head injuries.

Brooklyn’s new generation of taxis presents significant dangers to pedestrians, as well. The borough is already home to an inordinate amount of traffic collisions involving pedestrians, more than the Bronx and even Manhattan. Several zip codes, 11226, 11203, and 11220, see upwards of 25 walkers severely injured by vehicles each year.

At least one taxi-related tragedy has already affected Brooklyn. On March 10, 2014, a green Boro Taxi struck a school bus carrying six children. The bus was flipped on its side, causing minor injuries to its passengers. You can find more of the story at the Wall Street Journal.

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