Fall accidents in nursing homes or assisted living facilities are extremely dangerous. The injuries can include broken bones, hip fractures, traumatic brain injuries and death. Patients who may be struggling with other illnesses may have their lives significantly shortened by these accidents that shouldn’t happen.

Nursing homes must maintain safety standards to minimize the risk of fall accidents. Yet, a shocking number of falls continue to occur each year.

Nursing Home Fall Accident Statistics

  • Elderly adults are four times more likely to die from fall injuries
  • One in three elderly adults fall each year, making falls the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injury
  • The average nursing home reports 200 falls annually — one every 1.8 days
  • 20% of all nursing home falls results in serious injuries
  • Each year approximately nursing home falls result in 1,800 deaths — almost 5 every day

Negligent Behavior Causes Nursing Home Fall Accidents

Nursing homes are required to develop fall prevention plans and procedures to follow when an accident occurs. Still, falls in nursing homes continue to occur every day. There is something more to this astonishing rate than the frail health of the victims.

Below are some examples of negligence that have caused fall accidents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities:

  • Inadequate supervision of high-risk patients
  • Broken walkers or wheelchairs
  • Inadequate preventative measures, such as lack of bed and chair alarms
  • Failure to assist in bathroom activity
  • Wet floors
  • Poorly placed obstacles
  • Inadequate lighting, making obstacle detection difficult or impossible

If you believed negligence caused your loved one to experience a nursing home fall, those responsible must be held accountable via a nursing home neglect lawsuit. Facilities that cater to those vulnerable to falls with possibly fatal consequences are supposed to have high standards of prevention. The statistics prove that’s not likely the case.

New York Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect Lawyers

If your loved one sustained injuries due to a fall at his or her elder care facility, you must act quickly. Evidence of the accident cause can be lost or destroyed. Memories of the incident fade. Records must be made immediately. We can help.

You and your loved ones deserve justice. You deserve compensation to cover medical bills, as well as pain and suffering. The nursing home neglect attorneys at Banville Law have investigated numerous cases involving elderly fall accidents. We know where to look for and what indicates negligence. If there’s any evidence wrongdoing, we’ll find it.

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