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Medication Errors Happen Every Day In Nursing Homes

Medication errors and malpractice in nursing homes happen with great frequency. These ‍"adverse events" can cause harm on an isolated basis or trigger "cascade events" that involve multiple health problems in succession. Cascade events frequently require hospitalization and may result in death.

You may have placed your loved one in the hands of professionals to raise the level of care, but many get exactly the opposite.

A study of medication errors in 294 unique North Carolina nursing homes between 2006 – 2008 revealed 15,037 medication errors. That’s nearly one per week per nursing home. Since the study asked nursing homes to self-report errors, the actual number could be much higher.

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Types Of Medication Errors In Nursing Homes

The two largest categories of medication errors in nursing homes are:

  • Prescription medication interactions
  • Errors in administering the medication

The actual medication errors commonly seen in nursing homes include:

  • Providing medication to the wrong patient
  • Providing the wrong medication
  • Administering the wrong dosage
  • Administering the wrong form of medication (pill, liquid, patch)
  • Distributing medication at the wrong time

Over medication is now considered an epidemic in the United States. Among the worst uses of medication is the distribution of anti-psychotic medications to those who are not prescribed the drugs. Patients may become easier for staff to handle in those situations, but it can be lethal.

1.3 million Americans are injured by medication errors every year. About half of the resulting fatalities from medication errors involve people over the age of 60. There’s no question this is a very large and serious problem for our nation’s elderly.

Contacting A Medication Error Attorney

The New York medication error attorneys at Banville Law have experience with malpractice in nursing homes. We’re on a mission to stop improper medication procedures in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We have access to highly trained and thorough medical experts who can determine the nature of the errors and other causative factors such as nutritional and allergic reactions. We’ll get to the bottom of every aspect of the medication error.

Call us to discuss your suspicions of medication error or malpractice at your loved one’s nursing home. All consultations are free, and you’ll gain a better understanding of the situation and your legal position.

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