Unexplained cuts and bruises in the elderly is always a cause for concern. It becomes an even greater cause for inquiry when the elderly person lives in a nursing home or assisted living community.

You Need Answers

The medical professionals at the elderly care facility should have some idea of how or when the injuries occurred. Caregivers are paid for their oversight of resident’s health, so the appearance of unexplained cuts or bruises may be a sign of negligence or even abuse. The staff should know what happened, even if the resident can’t remember.

The elderly often bruise more often than younger people. Sometimes only rubbing one’s eye can cause a bruise. However additional cuts or bruises may be a real cause for concern. It’s best to stay on top of the situation, so be sure to do the following:

  • Discuss each instance with the caregivers. Put them on notice that you’re concerned and that you’re involved.
  • Keep a journal of the incident and any incidents that follow. Note the date and time and the response of the caregivers to your inquiries.
  • Ask your loved one if he or she knows how the cut or bruise got there, and note that in your journal too.
  • Note if your loved one has any negative reactions to individual caretakers and get that person’s name.
  • Make unannounced or unexpected visits or ask other friends and relatives to help.

You deserve an explanation for any injury that occurs to your loved one. Do not allow others to disregard your concerns about bruising in the elderly. Cuts and bruises in nursing homes are potentially dangerous.

Investigating Unexplained Cuts & Bruises

A consistent lack of satisfactory explanations for the mysterious appearance of cuts or bruises is a problem.Take your concerns to a New York nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer. The attorneys of Banville Law have dealt with many cases involving unexplained nursing home injuries over the years, and we know how to discreetly uncover the truth.

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If you’re concerned about the unexplained cuts or bruises of a loved one, it makes sense to get peace of mind sooner rather than later. Contact us for a free consultation that can be the first step towards the resolution you need.

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