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About Pelham Parkway, NY

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This blog post is brought to you by the personal injury attorneys in Pelham Parkway, New York who encourage readers to take the time to learn about the neighborhoods in New York that are full of history and lore.

History of Pelham Parkway

Named after the Pelham Parkway that travels west to east through the East Bronx, this stretch of 531 acres is home to the Pelham Parkway Towers Apartments. This quaint town is just a 15-minute drive, or 33-minute subway trip, to Manhattan.

The Parkway

Initially, the roadway was called the Bronx and Pelham Parkway and opened to the public in 1912. The road started as merely a two-lane road with overly strict restrictions on the neighboring land use and development. This tree-lined stretch connected Bronx Park to Pelham Bay Park. The parkway restricted developers from building within the 150 feet area along the parkway, and railroads were not permitted to cross at any point. This caused the construction of the underground tunnel for what is now called the Dyre Avenue subway line.

The present-day parkway was revamped in the 1930s and still includes the canopy of trees. It runs 2.3 miles and is 400 feet wide. To keep up the tradition of the inclusion of bicycles, a bikeway was included along the westbound lanes near the north end of the parkway. Road closures on Sunday mornings for bicycle races are a thing of the past, but the lane offers a safe commute for non-motorized travelers.

The Neighborhood

With a population of 30,073 in 2010, the neighborhood named after the roadway consists of working-class residents. Its central location offers the residents convenience of the New York Subway Station, buses, and express buses as quick modes of transport. A combination of single-family homes and apartment buildings is located in the town and offers comfortably priced housing. Most of the apartment buildings are constructed in Tudor Style and Art Deco architectural elements.

The Bronx house is a settlement house ran by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, located within Pelham Parkway, and offers many services, such as the following:


Many ethnic restaurants and shopping centers offer a glimpse into the diversity of the predominantly middle-class community. In the center of the community is the Bronx House, constructed in the 1950s. The neighborhood's diversity is spread out from block to block, but Pelham Parkway contains the highest concentration of Albanians, compared to New York City. Other areas the residents descend from include:

The household income in 2017 was $48,018 and was mainly comprised of renters. The racial breakdown is as follows:

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Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: March 9, 2021
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