New York City’s far-flung borough, Staten Island provides residents and guests a significantly different experience than NYC’s other areas. Separated from the rest of New York City by the New York Bay, Staten Island is sometimes referred to by its inhabitants as “the forgotten borough.” It seems that New York City’s governmental agencies are particularly derelict in their duties to Staten Island’s residents. When properties, like those owned by the City of New York, are not kept in reasonably safe condition, slip and fall accident victims may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

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The Staten Island slip and fall lawyers at Banville Law are highly aware of the plight that New York City’s potentially negligent disregard for Staten Island places on the borough’s residents. In our decades of experience, our personal injury attorneys have helped many Staten Island citizens secure valuable compensation after their slip and fall accidents. Under New York City’s legal code of “premises liability,” property owners can held accountable for such accidents that occur on their premises.

Common Accidents

As we suggested above, Staten Island’s professional buildings are probably the worst-maintained in all of New York. Crumbling stairs, faulty escalators, defective elevators, and broken sidewalks – our Staten Island slip and fall attorneys have handled many personal injury claims involving Staten Island’s office buildings. And while New York City as a whole seems to have largely forgotten Staten Island, slip and fall victims may still pursue compensation after their accidents by contacting Banville Law.

Even though Staten Island is partially-protected by the surrounds of New York Bay, its very nature as an island means that Staten Island bears the brunt of New York’s harsh winter weather. Treacherous ice and snow, accumulating on sidewalks, is particularly prevalent in the borough, creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians. Property owners who fail to properly manage the effects of Staten Island’s winters may be held responsible for slip and fall accidents that occur on their premises.

The remote location, distanced from the economic hub of Manhattan, forces many of the borough’s residents to rely on public transportation. Serviced solely by the Staten Island Railway, a division of New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Staten Island’s abnormally high volume of commuter traffic requires particular vigilance on the MTA’s part. If train stations are not properly maintained, many residents are put in harm’s way. Unfortunately, as a governmental agency, the MTA enjoys many legal protections against personal injury suits. To learn more about building a successful claim against the City of New York, visit our City and State Property page.

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Were you injured in a slip and fall accident on Staten Island? The personal injury attorneys at Banville Law provide assistance to accident victims – strengthening insurance claims or guiding victims through the legal process. Our only goal is to ensure your healthy recovery, to restore comfort and security during a trying time. Contact our slip and fall lawyers for a free consultation.