This post, which provides a brief history of the Bronx neighborhood known as Allerton, has been provided by our Allerton personal injury attorneys.

Allerton Before European Settlement

Allerton near personal injury law firm. As with all of New York, the Allerton area was first inhabited by the Lenape. This semi-nomadic tribe is divided into clans and prior to the arrival of the Europeans, these clans would create temporary villages. They would live in an area until seasonal changes made another area more inhabitable or until they felt the surrounding land had been exhausted by farming, hunting, and fishing.

In the 1600s the Dutch arrived on what would eventually become American shores. They traded with the Lenape for the land and began to establish settlements throughout the area.

The Lorillard Estate

In the 1700s, a French Huguenot family, the Lorillards, purchased the land that would eventually become Allerton. The family was very wealthy and is known for owning Lorillard Inc., a tobacco company that makes cigarettes like newport, Kent, and other brands. They are also known for building The Snuff Mill, which is now called the Lilliam and Amy Goldman Sachs Mill, the oldest existing tobacco manufacturing building in the United States. This mill sits on the Bronx River.

In the early 1900s the Lorillard family decided to sell parts of their estate and these plots eventually turned into housing and the various buildings that are now part of Allerton.

The name Allerton comes from Daniel Allerton, who was another settler who had lived in the area.

Allerton Today

Today, the Allerton neighborhood is known as a working-class section of The Bronx. The population is just under 30,000 and is 25.3% White, 32.5%  African American, 0.2% Native American, 7.9% Asian, 0.0%  Pacific Islander, 0.9%  from other races, and 1.4% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 31.8% of the population, making the area very diverse.

The average household income is $48,018 and it has been estimated that almost a quarter of the residents live in poverty.

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