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The History of Rye, NY

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The personal injury attorneys in Rye, NY, sponsor this article to present you with some detailed information about the area.

Rye is a quaint coastal, suburban city in Westchester County, New York. The city spans 20.02 square miles, of which 14.17 square miles is made up of water. The population of Rye is approximately 15,820 with a population density of 2,681.53 per square mile. Rye is most notable for its waterfront which covers 60 percent of the city's square miles, which is governed by a waterfront act instituted in 1991.


The city of Rye, formerly known as the village of Rye, was founded in 166o by Thomas Studwell, Peter Disbrow, and John Coe. Later landowners included John Budd and his family.

Rye was once a part of Fairfield County, a county in the southwestern corner of Connecticut. The city was also part of the Rye town until it received its charter as a city in 1942, which happens to make Rye the youngest city in New York State.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Rye was a haven for wealthy Manhattanites who traveled by coach or boat to escape the dense, urban city life.

Rye's location on Long Island Sound and several beaches also appealed to visitors with more moderate means. At the time, many visitors gravitated for short stays at cottages and waterfront hotels.

Rye has always offered New Yorker's a unique suburban lifestyle with an extraordinary inventory of buildings that possess stunning architecture.  The districts and neighborhoods within the city of Rye also happen to each host architectural distinction that helps visually articulate the neighborhoods.

Historic Landmarks

The charming city of Rye is home to several historical landmarks. Within the streets of Rye, you will the Boston Post Road Historic District which was designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Services in 1933.

The Boston Road Historic District is home to historically significant parcels including,

  • The Jay Estate: A 23-acre park overlooking Long Island South. The park is operated by the Jay Heritage Center, a non-profit organization incorporated in 1990, and was an official project of the Save America's Treasures Program.
  • The Jay Mansion: A mansion sitting on the Jay Estate. The mansion is the oldest National Historic Landmark structure in New York State with a geothermal heating and cooling system. It is also the first building in Westchester to have such an efficient energy system.
  • The Jay Cemetery: Established in 1905, the cemetery hosts only the descendants of John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States, and their spouses.
  • The Marshlands Conservatory: A 147-acre nature preserve owned and operated by Westchester County Parks. Aside from being a historically significant parcel, the conservatory has also been designated an Important Bird Area.

The city of Rye is also home to Playland, often called Rye Playland, a 279-acre theme park. The theme park is owned and operated by Westchester County and is a significant landmark for Rye.

The theme park hosts rides, games, an indoor skating rink or Ice Casino, a beach, a boardwalk, and concession stands. Playland is one of only two amusement parks in the United States to have been deemed a National Historic Landmark (1980). Playland has been a popular destination for residents and visitors since it first opened in 1928.

If you're looking to ride on the park's oldest roller coasters, built in 1929, make sure to check out the Dragon Coaster which is one of the last roller coasters still operating built by engineer Frederick Church. Playland also happens to be the setting for several scenes in the 1988 film, Big, starring Tom Hanks.

The city of Rye has so much to offer residents and visitors. If you're looking to explore a charming suburban area with stunning architecture and rich history, look no further than Rye, NY.

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Date Published: May 23, 2021
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