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Coney Island, The New York Summer Entertainment Destination

Coney Island is recognized as a peninsular residential neighborhood in the Southwest part of the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. In addition to being a residential neighborhood, Coney Island is also a beach and leisure destination. The area is most recognized as a seaside resort and for its amusement parks which are closely located to our slip and fall accident law firm in Brooklyn.

Location And Demographics

Coney Island is located in the westernmost part of the barrier islands of Long Island. It used to be an island detached from the main part of Brooklyn by Coney Island Creek and a few tidal mudflats, but it eventually developed into a peninsula.

The neighborhoods that are found on the Island are Sea Gate, which is a private community with streets co-owned by both the residents and the city. Other neighborhoods are Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach.

In terms of the Island demographics, there used to be many Jewish residents in the area, now the main population groups are African American, Hispanic and a new wave of Russian immigrants. In 2013 the median household income was $23,628 and most people living in various forms of public housing. Despite this bleak housing and financial viewpoint, there have been steady efforts to revitalize this neighborhood.

Top Coney Island Attractions & Events

Being well known as a place with amusement parks as well as being a seaside resort, there are some really great attractions and events that make the Island an attraction in itself. In the summertime, many want to make a stop to Coney Island and here are some of the places to see and visit, as well as events to attend.

1. Luna Park

Luna Park has been around since 2010 and has become a very popular New York City tourist attraction. What you will find here are numerous rides that range from thrilling to mild. If you are looking for "extreme thrills" go for the Coney Island Cyclone, Thunderbolt, Coney Island Raceway, Sling Shot and Zenobio. Rides that are called "high thrill" that you can explore include, Air Race, Wild River, Brooklyn Flyer, Luna 360 and so many more. Do not worry, not every ride is designed to have your stomach in your throat, mild thrill rides like the Seaside Swing or Tea Party can be equally satisfying, in addition to playing some games, dining and shopping. There is definitely plenty to do and see at Luna Park.

2. Coney Island Museum

The quirky museum features permanent collections such as Funhouse Mirrors and rare hundred-year-old, postcards. The building itself is a preserved 1917 building. You can also see a 3D printed scale model of the original Luna Park, from Thompson & Dundy's Luna Park, which is a year-long installation by artist Fred Kahl. This museum is a great stop on your beach trip and you can get some souvenirs to mark your time there.

3. Ruby's Bar & Grill

Recognized as a Coney Island tradition since 1934, Ruby's Bar & Grill is a must stop as one of the oldest standing bars on the boardwalk. Ruby's is the only full-service bar and grill on the boardwalk with indoor seating. In keeping with the nostalgia, you will find an impressive collection of old-time photos and memorabilia as well as an award-winning jukebox and the original boardwalk wood from the 1920s found throughout the bar. If that's not enough to make you want to stop in for a cold one here, Ruby's has been voted the 14th sexiest beach bar in the world by the Travel Channel.

4. Mermaid Parade

The ever-popular Coney Island Mermaid Parade is normally celebrated at the start of the summer season around late June. The parade tradition started in 1983 and was organized by Dick Zigun who founded the non-profit arts group Coney Island USA. Much like the annual Village Halloween Parade, this Mermaid parade represents the spirit of Mardi Gras. What you can expect to see in the parade are marine costumes, some partial nudity and of course many mermaids and sea creatures! Join the fun in this American version of the summer-solstice celebration.

There are so many things to enjoy here and one of the other major attractions is the beach. The island's beach is meticulously looked after by the city. You are guaranteed a lot of sunlight on the beach by virtue of the position of the beach and very little obstructions nearby. Another bonus is that the beach is open to everyone with no restrictions and there are no charges to enter the beach.

How To Get There

The Island is very popular so there are many ways to get there and the main subway stop is Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue using the D, F, N and Q trains. If you are leaving from midtown Manhattan this subway ride will be about 45-60 minutes.

Bus services you can use are B36, B64, B68, B74, B82. There are also express buses from Manhattan which are
the X28, X38.

Where To Get Help

If you are in the area and require police or hospital assistance, the following can be of use:

60th Precinct

2951 West 8th Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11224-3615
(718) 946-3311

Coney Island Hospital 

2601 Ocean Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(718) 616-3001

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Flatbush is a neighborhood in the NYC borough of Brooklyn near our Brooklyn personal injury law firm. The area was founded in 1651 by Dutch Colonists and garnered the name Flatbush which means "flat woodland" or "wooded plain".

Flatbush Demographics

For the first half of the twentieth century majority of the Flatbush residents were working class Irish-American and Jews. A demographic change occurred in the area during the 1970s and early 1980s. The area went from having mostly Irish, Italian and Jewish residents to majority Caribbeans. This demographic shift saw a shift as well in the number of abandoned or semi-abandoned buildings in this section. There were also several apartment houses that were deteriorated. Most of the well to do residents of Flatbush left and lower income immigrants replaced them.

This demographic shift to immigrants has not stopped and in more recent years the Flatbush community has seen an increase of immigrants from the Caribbean, mainly from Guyana, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Dominica and more. In addition to this demographic population are South Asian immigrants mainly from India and Pakistan and African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

What It's Like To Live There

Housing here changes in character and most of the housing is apartment buildings, with some rowhouses. Generally, living in Brooklyn gives you an opportunity to live in an economically and socially diverse borough. Living in Flatbush affords you to be in the center of what makes Brooklyn what it is today.

Living here you will find numerous discount stores, Caribbean delis, as well as the Kings Theatre which first opened in 1929, then closed in 1977 and reopened again in February 2015. The diversity of the neighborhood means living here is going to be a game of contrasts. Some of the neighborhood contrasts lend themselves to goat's heads and cow's feet which you can see or buy at the northern end of Flatbush Avenue. Or, you can don the latest  African styles by getting your hair braided in one of the African hair shops on the avenue.  On the southern end, you can find larger businesses like Target and Applebees.

Going back to the culture of neighborhood mentioned earlier, it is not rare to come across a Chasidic man standing side by side a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. Young professionals are also bringing in a new cultural flare to the area making it a bustling urban area.

More young families are moving into the neighborhood opting for housing that actually has a backyard and a front porch, in other words affordability and space. In addition to affordability and space, transportation is an added bonus of living here due to the construction of Prospect Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and other transportation choices.

While it also cannot be ignored, there has been a history of violent crimes in the area, however, crime has generally been decreasing.

Famous Organizations To Be Found

As well as the diversity and economical viability of this part of Brooklyn, there are other famous institutions that you can easily locate here, some of which are:

Getting To The Neighborhood

As already stated, one of the area's draw is the transportation availability. You can use the New York City Subway, the BMT Brighton Line (B Q trains) with stops to the area. Stations from Prospect Park to Avenue H will get you in and out, as well as stations of the IRT Nostrand Avenue Line (2 5 trains) .

If you are using bus services the B6, B8, B35, B41, B44, B49, Q35 have routes that take you in and out of the neighborhood.

Closest Hospital & Police Department

If you need to locate the nearest hospital and police department in Flatbush, you can consider the following:

Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

1095 Flatbush Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY, 11226
(718) 240-8880

NYPD 67th Precinct

2820 Snyder Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY, 11226-4118
(718) 287-3211

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DUMBO, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in the NYC borough of Brooklyn. Dumbo is found within two sections, one is between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the other is from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill.

Our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys enjoy educating you with information on boroughs in NYC.

What Is Dumbo Known For?

Dumbo was originally a ferry landing and industrial area before it was bought by developer David Walentas in the later part of the 20th century. Walentas and his company, Two Trees Management, turned the ferry landing and industrial area into an upscale residential and commercial community. Back then the area transformed into a haven for artist galleries and now it is a hub for tech startups.

Due to this development, Dumbo is well known for business, leisure, and art. In art, the area is well established as one of New York's prime arts districts. Galleries that are found there include the Klompching Gallery.

Food wise the area has garnered its share of business, in part because of Chef Jacques Torres' chocolate factory which opened in December 2000. There are other prominent culinary businesses like the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, The River Café, and Grimaldi's.

Tech Center Neighborhood

A high concentration of technology companies is found in this location, so much so that it holds 25 percent of New York City-based technology companies.

Development of tech start-ups is supported by the City of New York in partnership with New York University. Tech start-ups are especially attracted to this area due to the low rental prices in comparison to Manhattan.

Places To Go For Fashion & Art

With its flourishing art scene and designer boutiques, among other successes in the area, there are some places that really make this location what it is today. Do yourself a favor if you are visiting Dumbo or have lived there but have not quite explored yet, and check out some of these places.

Places To Go: Art

1. Bargemusic

Found on Fulton Ferry Landing under the Brooklyn Bridge, Bargemusic is a big work boat that has been turned into a concert hall offering chamber music and spectacular views of Manhattan all year round. Going to the Bargemusic is considered an intimate musical experience that is like no other. You can expect to pay around $35 for a concert and you can expect to pay nothing for the one-hour recitals that take place on Saturday afternoons.

2. St. Ann's Warehouse

St. Ann's Warehouse is a well-known theater that has been offering eclectic entertainment for the past 30 years. What you will see will vary from one night to the next, from a rock show one night to an innovative theater production the next. St. Ann's has become such an important and compelling live performance destination that you really need to experience it for yourself.

3. Masters Projects

Having been established as a haven for art galleries, you can expect to see many art galleries in Dumbo. One of those galleries to visit is Masters Projects which is found on Water Street. Masters is renowned for bringing forth new talent to the US art market. If you are planning to go now, you can see Irving Penn's Women Warriors Exhibition.

Places To Go: Fashion

This location is great for eclectic stores and some of the places that you can visit include:

1.  Zoë

Zoë is a one-stop shopping center where you will find high-end brands like Stella McCartney and Lanvin. If you are a
fashionista, this is the place for you to shop for your Jimmy Choos and your Alexander Wang tees.

2. Half Pint

If you are looking for more eco-friendly clothes for your kids, then Half-Print is your place. You can get organic clothing for children and infants and eco-friendly toys and gifts.  A natural rubber pacifier is something else useful that you can find there.

3. Trunk

If shopping for Jimmy Choos and Stella McCarthey jumpsuits is not within your budget, Trunk is your next best affordable stop. Trunk stocks jewelry, clothing, wallets, bags including furniture made by local designers. It is generally considered a lifestyle boutique.

How To Get There

This neighborhood is easily accessible by land or water. By land, if you are using the NYC subway, stations are
located at York Street using the F Trains, and High Street using A and C Trains. If you use buses you can take the B25, B67 and B69 buses. By sea, use the East River Ferry which connects the wharf at Fulton Landing to stations in Manhattan and Williamsburg.

Where To Get Help

If there are any incidences that require hospital or police services, here are the closest hospital and police service
contact details.

Leaf Medical

18 Adams Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 285-3035

NYPD 84th Precinct

301 Gold Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3003
(718) 875-6811

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The wealthy neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is found in the New York City Borough of Brooklyn. The neighborhood is well known for its low-rise architecture and the multitudes of brownstone row-houses.

Visit our previous article to learn more about this borough from our personal injury law firm in Brooklyn.

Architectural Charm Of Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is recognized as the first neighborhood that was protected by the 1965 Landmarks Preservation Law of New York City. The types of buildings that make up this area are mainly row-houses and some mansions. There are various architectural styles that are present, some of the styles you will see include Victorian Gothic, Greek Revival, Italianate, Neo-Grec, and Classical Revival. The material used to build these buildings was mainly brownstone of a reddish-brown stone from Passaic County, New Jersey.

The townhouses found in this area are normally five stories and are larger than the others in Brooklyn neighborhoods. In a typical brownstone row-house, the main floor is above the street level and can be reached using stairs. You are likely to find the basement a half-flight down the street, which when the brownstones were originally built, were used as the workstations for servants.

There are not that many high-rise buildings in Brooklyn Heights. Historic buildings that you will find in this area include, the Long Island Historical Society, St. Ann's and the Holy Trinity Church and the First Unitarian Congregational Society.

If you want to live in this neighborhood that is known for its brownstones you can expect to pay about $450,000 to $750,000 for a one bedroom, $950,000 to $1.35 million for a two-bedroom, and between $2.3  million to $3.2 million for a three-bedroom brownstone. If you are looking to rent you can expect to pay between $2,000 to $4,000 a month for a one bedroom place all the way to $5,000 to $10,000 for three bedrooms.

High Profile Residents Who Live There

Being a place with beautiful architecture, Brooklyn Heights attracts some pretty high profile residents. Some of those residents and their claims to fame are as follows:

These are just some of the notable residents that have at one time or another lived or still live in this brownstone area.

The Neighborhood In Film

Alongside the well-known residents in this area, the neighborhood also lends itself to television and movies. Shows that have been set in the neighborhood are:


There several subway services that will get you to Brooklyn Heights, mainly the A C F N R trains which you can take from Jay Street. If you are near Clark Street, you can use the 2 3 trains. Court Street at Borough Hall has the 2 3 4 5 N R trains. Getting a bus to take you directly to Brooklyn Heights can prove to be a bit of a challenge, however, there are bus services that have routes to take you closer to the neighborhood.

Emergency Access

Brooklyn Heights fire, hospital, and police department services are as follows:

Brooklyn Heights Fire Department
FDNY Engine 224
274 Hicks St, Brooklyn
NY,  11201
(718) 965-8224

NYPD 84th Precinct 
301 Gold Street, Brooklyn
NY, 11201-3003
(718) 875-6811

Mount Sinai Doctors- Brooklyn Heights
300 Cadman Plaza W, Brooklyn
NY, 11201
(929) 210-6000

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Date Published: March 29, 2016
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