Banville Law’s recap of accidents that took place in New York State this week includes two police chases that went awry causing fatal accidents.


Bronx, NY: Man Dies After Being Accidentally Run Over

A 58 year old man was run over following a fall in front of a parked car, when a driver was unaware and pulled out of the parking space on Tuesday night, October 20th.

The Bronx man, Guy Ryff, fell in front of a parked 2010 Toyota SUV and stayed on the street with his back facing  the vehicle’s front bumper. When the driver of the SUV got into his car he had no knowledge of the man near his vehicle, causing him to run over Ryff as he was pulling out of the parking space.

The driver stayed on the scene and no arrests have been made as the investigation carries on.

Dix Hills, NY: Wrong Way Crash Kills Two People

A woman escaping police officers after she had missed a traffic stop, drove the wrong way on a parkway and ended up crashing head on into an oncoming vehicle.

The woman and the person she hit were killed instantly.

Suffolk County police state that the woman was first stopped in the Central Islip area after refusing to cooperate with officers requesting her to stop. Instead the woman drove away and nearly hit an officer as she was speeding off.

The accident that took place on the eastbound Northern State Parkway in Dix Hills, saw the highway closed for nearly seven hours after the accident happened.

West Babylon, NY: Hit And Run Crash Kills Man In Wheelchair

Late Friday, October 16th, a man in a wheel chair was fatally struck by a hit and run driver in West Babylon. Police in Suffolk County state that a dark colored Nissan hit the man in a wheel chair, identified as 40 year old Micheal Dora.

Michael Dora, from West Babylon was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to the police the alleged Nissan will most likely have sustained some damage to its front end.

It is believed that inaccessible sidewalks may have led Dora to end up on the road at night.

Dunkirk, NY: 23 Year Old Crashes Into A Vacant House

A 23 year old man crashed into a vacant house while trying to escape from state troopers on Thursday October 15th. The 23 year old was named Bryan Willis from Chautauqua County city of Dunkirk. Willis is believed to have violated parole and was armed.

State troopers saw Willis driving a car and attempted to stop him on Lake Shore Drive in Dunkirk. Willis briefly succeeded to pull away from the troopers only to lose control of his motor vehicle and struck an empty home at an intersection.

Willis was pronounced dead at the scene and it was confirmed he was carrying a loaded handgun in his car.

Columbia County, NY: Motorist Killed One -Vehicle Accident

Thursday, October 15th a motorist died in a single vehicle collision. The collision took place on State Highway 113
which is approximately half a mile north of Chrislaw Road close to Lodi.

The car was heading south on the highway when it supposedly went into the east ditch, where it ran into a utility pole and ended up in a ravine.

The driver of the vehicle was not wearing a seat belt and was pronounced dead at the accident scene.