Below is a short selection of our most recent verdicts and settlements in New York State elder abuse lawsuits. Prior outcomes in no way guarantee future results. Every case is different, and your case will have its own unique set of circumstances. The information is provided here as examples of the large spectrum of case types we’ve managed and the outcomes we’ve been able to achieve for them.

Medication Error Lawsuit Settlements

Medication errors involve the improper ordering, preparation or dispensation of a medicine. Examples include ordering or issuing the wrong product, improper dosage, non-compliance with manufacturer guidelines, issuing to the wrong person, using the wrong technique.

  • $1.5 million – Medication Error

Fall Down Lawsuit Settlements

Fall down accidents have many possible causes that may involve negligence. The most common is the failure to adequately supervise a patient who is known to require assistance to avoid falls. However other possible causes include failure to keep the premises reasonably free of hazards that may cause a fall, defective equipment such as wheelchairs or body alarms, or the failure to maintain adequate health and safety policies.

  • $975,000 – Nursing Home Fall Down
  • $517,500 – Failed Supervision in Fall Down – Wrongful Death
  • $300,000 – Fractured Hip In Nursing Home Fall Down
  • $475,000 – Unsupervised Patient Broke Femur In Fall Down

Bed Sore / Pressure Ulcer Lawsuit Settlements

Bedsores are highly avoidable and treatable, but they are quite dangerous and painful. Failure to take proper precautions to avoid bedsores, failure to properly treat bedsores and the failure to detect bedsores are common reasons for litigation. The consequences of improper treatment of bedsores can include amputation or death.

  • $575,000 – Pressure Ulcer / Bedsore Infection Wrongful Death
  • $525,000 – Pressure Ulcers / Bed Sores Untreated – Wrongful Death
  • $500,000 – Pressure Ulcers / Bed Sores Developed After Surgery
  • $575,000 – Amputation Below The Knee Due To Bedsore Infection
  • $362,500 – Pressure Ulcers, Malnourishment, And Wrongful Death

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