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Rockefeller Fountain in the Bronx, New York


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This article on the Rockefeller Fountain and its history is sponsored by the personal injury lawyers in the Bronx, New York from Banville Law.


The Rockefeller Fountain offers a complex history as it stands in the center of New York City. The fountain was given to the community by William Rockefeller after bringing it all the way from Como, Italy. The intricate, sculpture signifies controversial difficulties faced and now remains an official New York landmark.

Heading back in time to 1860, the City of Como, Italy, began the creation of Piazza Cavour for residents and tourists to enjoy. Upon completion in 1870, Sebastiano Mondolfo, a resident nearby and President of Lariana Shipping, offered the City money to purchase a monumental fountain from the Palazzo Litta at Lainate, to add value to the tourist attraction.

The town's founders opposed the initial proposal, claiming it was unethical to transfer such a piece of art from the private palace of an aristocrat to a public space. Mondolfo instead used his proposal to employ a local sculptor named Biagio Catella to design a new fountain in 1872. In the short period of 6 months, Catella and his team of sculptors were able to hand-craft a three-tier fountain made out of Bianco Pi Italian marble.

The foundation displayed unique ornate carving throughout the foundation of aquatic animals and swans that represented the harbor. Though the fountain was spectacular, there were select observers that opposed the finished fountain. Unfortunately, the fountain used too much of the cities water supply along with poor construction of the Piazza Cavour, causing the fountain to be removed and set aside.

Several years later in 1902, William Rockefeller came across the incredible foundation and purchased it from the city of Como with hopes to bring it to the City of New York. With success, he brought it over from Italy and installed it at the Bronx Zoo for all to relish.

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Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: January 4, 2021
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