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Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers Recommend A Visit to the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum

The Sag Harbor Whaling Museum is a certified National Treasure and officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This museum and historic structure tells the story of the maritime industry in the state of New York and is home to the largest collection of whaling equipment in the state. Our slip and fall accident lawyers in Woodbury think any maritime history buffs in the area should make sure to make a stop here at least once. Here is some general information on the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum:

History Of The Structure

The museum is housed in a historic building which was built in 1845 by wealthy merchant whaler Benjamin Hunting II at the peak of the Sag Harbor maritime industry's success. This house was designed by Minard Lafever in the Greek Revival style, with ornate features like a temple-front portico and fluted Corinthian columns. Lafever edged the home's roofline with maritime-themed features, including a row of decorative crenellation with figures of alternating flensing knives and blubber spades. The front door is framed by a gigantic pair of whale jawbones.

Once you enter the house/museum, you'll see a spiraling staircase that leads to a domed skylight. The AIA Architectural guide once called the home "Long Island's finest example of high style Greek revival architecture."

Highlights Of The Whaling Museum

In a sense, the original home is a piece of maritime history in and of itself - with its maritime-themed features and the fact that one of New York's most successful whalers lived there. Today, you can find a huge collection of whaling ship equipment, including:

This building is also the home of a Masonic lodge on the second floor.

Past Events At The Museum

The museum regularly hosts cultural events, including maritime-themed events and others, such as art shows. Here are some recent noteworthy events held by the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum:

The 725 Group Art Exhibition

Held from September 21 through October 31, the 725 Group Art Exhibition showcased artwork from a variety of Sag Harbor resident artists, sculptors, and photographers. This exhibition reflects Sag Harbor's long history of artistic tradition, which is a major part of the town's identity.

The Wake of the Whale: A Lecture on Hunter Societies in the Caribbean and North Atlantic

On October 25, 2018, the museum invited University of the South professor Russell Fielding to give a lecture called The Wake of The Whale, which helped educate visitors about the history, art, and difficulties of whaling in the Caribbean and North Atlantic.

Ghost Walking Tour

This past Halloween season on October 26, the museum had a haunted walking tour of Sag Harbor. Tour guide Annette walked groups through several locations in the village, telling ghost stories that have been reported there.

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A trip to the aquarium is always a great way to have fun while learning new things. Our Long Island personal injury law firm love taking family trips to the Long Island Aquarium and getting an up-close view of their extensive collection of aquatic life. You can find just about anything here, from bugs to amphibians to sharks and other predators. Here are some of our favorite current exhibits at the Long Island Aquarium:

Amazon Rainforest

At the Amazon Rainforest Exhibit, visitors will learn about humanity's responsibility to maintain the environment and animal life. This exhibit showcases some of the largest and most exotic Amazon fishes and other aquatic creatures. More than 2,000 species of tropical freshwater fish are found in the streams, ponds, and tributaries of the Amazon River. But as the exhibit explains, these fish are in danger because of deforestation and the pet trade.

American Alligators

American alligators are found in the southeastern United States. At this exhibit, you can view the Long Island Aquarium's gators as they sunbathe on the beaches of their aquarium habitat. From May through September, there is an additional outdoor Gator Invasion exhibit, which showcases the larger alligators that live at the Long Island Aquarium.

Coral Reef

The Long Island Aquarium is home to one of the largest all-living, closed-system coral reef displays in the Western Hemisphere. This impressive 30-foot long, 20,000-gallon exhibit is a manmade version of a natural reef ecosystem, with features like a reef wall, crest, terrace, and back reef. The live Coral Reef exhibit has both stony and soft corals, anemones, and coralline algae. Additionally, it is inhabited by roughly 800 types of fish and other marine life, such as tangs, wrasses, gobies, angelfish, sea cucumbers, snails, crabs, and sea urchins.

Lost City of Atlantis Shark Exhibit

This exhibit is designed as an imagining of the Lost City of Atlantis, featuring decorations like Poseidon's 12-foot trident, pillars, and ruins of the mythological city. Of course, the exhibit is also inhabited by tiger sharks, nurse sharks, a moray eel, and a Queensland grouper, along with other fish. This exhibit is considered to be the crown jewel of the Long Island Aquarium.

Ocean Creatures of the World/Crab Villa

This exhibit focuses on invertebrate creatures, such as crabs and corals. The Japanese spider crab is one of the more noteworthy creatures found in this exhibit, as it is the largest crab species in existence today. Other creatures that can be found here include North American lobsters and mantis shrimp.

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Planting Fields Arboretum State Historical Park is a great place to visit for history buffs and nature lovers. Our Long Island personal injury attorneys like to visit here when the weather is nice, walking through the greenhouses, gardens, woodland paths, and plant collections that make up this impressive site. Listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, Planting Fields is also home to Coe Hall, a Tudor Revival mansion from the early 20th century. Here are some of our favorite things about Planting Fields Arboretum:

Coe Hall

Coe Hall is a historic house museum on the Planting Fields property. This massive 67-room mansion provides a peek into what life was like in the roaring 20's for the country's wealthiest citizens. The home was built between 1918 and 1921 and is a Tudo Revival-style home with Indiana limestone. The architecture of this mansion was inspired by photos from a book of English country houses, most notably those from Moyns Park, Athelhampton, and St. Catherine's Court. Another striking feature is the wrought-iron gates, which were built in England in 1712 for Carshalton Park and imported by Coe in 1921.


Planting Fields is home to two greenhouses.

The Main Greenhouse features several collections of plants, such as orchids, cacti, begonias, palms, ferns, and hibiscus. This greenhouse also houses seasonal exhibits throughout the year, including poinsettias, Easter lilies, chrysanthemums, and coleus. The Main Greenhouse is open year-round from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The Camellia Greenhouse is home to the largest collection of camellias under glass in the northeast United States. You can view the blossoms from December through March. This greenhouse is also open year-round from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sensory Garden

Planting Fields recently opened a Sensory Garden, which is dedicated to stimulating all five senses of its guests. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy the multisensory experiences that stimulate sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound.

Main Gardens

Planting Fields has a diverse collection of gardens, which were designed during the construction of the Coe House.

The Italian Blue Pool Garden was built by Guy Lowell.  A.R. Sargent in 1918, while the Tea House was built in 1915. This garden has historically been planted with spring-blooming perennials and is currently being restored to its original condition.

The Green Garden has a circular pool. Azalea Walks and Vista Path showcase several hundred varieties of Azalea and Rhododendron. At the Rose Arbor and Shrub Garden, you can find over 680 tea, shrub, and miniature roses.

The Synoptic Garden has more than 500 types of tree and shrub, which are arranged alphabetically by botanical name. The Magnolia Collection has over 80 different kinds of deciduous and evergreen Magnolia.

The Dahlia Garden features hundreds of varieties of show-quality Dahlias.

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Since 1970, the Long Island Game Farm has been a popular family activity in Manorville, New York. If you're looking for a fun and educational way to spend a Saturday or Sunday with your kids, we highly recommend making a visit here. The farm has a petting zoo where you can pet and feed the animals and a variety of other attractions and fun activities. Our Long Island personal injury lawyers love taking family field trips here. Here are some of our favorite aspects of the Long Island Game Farm:


The Long Island Game Farm has four exciting zoo attractions which are always popular with kids:

Close Encounters

The Long Island Game Farm offers several opportunities to get up close and personal with the furry friends found throughout the zoo and wildlife park:


Dozens of different species can be found at the Long Island Game Farm Wildlife and Children's Zoo:

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Long Island is known for its wine country, with dozens of excellent vineyards scattered throughout the area. Our Woodbury personal injury lawyers love taking weekend trips to old favorites and discovering new ones. Here are some of our favorite wineries on Long Island:

Loughlin Vineyard

Loughlin Vineyard is a small, family-owned winery that offers a uniquely intimate experience. This is a true hidden gem, with a secluded location away from the hustle and bustle of Sayville. Tastings are held in a tiny shack-like building that could maybe hold a dozen people comfortably. But this provides for a great experience as you and your small group can learn all about the wine from the family that produces it while trying their selection of 4 or 5 different types.

Harmony Vineyards

Located on Stony Brook Harbor, Harmony Vineyards is a picturesque winery that offers beautiful views and wine tastings in a restored Historic Waterfront Tasting Room (circa 1690). The tasting room is in a house which was originally built in 1690 and amended by New York architect Archibald M. Brown in 1904. Most of the original 10,000 square-foot mansion was relocated from the center of the vineyard to the head of the waterfront western vineyard block. It's listed on the Register of National Historic Places and is definitely the most interesting place we've ever had a wine tasting. The wine selection is also incredible, with a variety of delicious Bordeaux-style Red Blends and Chablis-style Chardonnays, as well as some Long Island beers.

Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Over the past 30 years, Wollfer Estate Vineyards has earned a reputation as one of Long Island's best wineries. It's an upscale spot with a luxurious feel. During the warmer months of the year, we love sitting outside and taking in the breathtaking views of the vineyard beneath the outdoor section. This is one of our favorite places to watch a sunset during the summer. When it gets colder, the indoor tasting room is immaculately decorated and also a great place to enjoy a bottle or tasting.

Macari Vineyards

Located in Mattituck, Macari Vineyards is a beautiful winery with gorgeous views of vine fields, a friendly and welcoming environment, and an elegant tasting room. While the winery is beautiful, you'll never feel any sense of snobbery here. We love sitting out in the patio or on the grass and enjoying a bottle of wine as the sun sets during a summer night.

Sherwood House Vineyards

Sherwood House Vineyards is a winery in Jamesport and one of our favorite spots in Long Island wine country. We love the ambiance here, as the tasting room is modernly decorated in a country-style home, making you feel truly welcome. The quality of the wine is just as good, and we love enjoying their affordable wine flights.

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At Banville Law, we have a few military history buffs among our staff of Woodbury personal injury attorneys. We love learning about the technology and machinery that has been used throughout our nation's history. In Farmingdale, the American Airpower Museum showcases some of the most important aircraft and other vehicles used during various American wars. This extensive museum draws visitors from all over the country who are looking to learn about and gain a deeper appreciation for these spectacular pieces of machinery and the heroes who have operated them. Some of our favorite aspects of the American Airpower Museum include:

Legends of Airpower Weekend

Legends of Airpower Weekend is an annual event held at the American Airpower Museum each Memorial Day Weekend. This year, the weekend is from May 24 through the 28th. The event is also paired with the 2018 Bethpage Federal Credit Union Jones Beach Air Show the same weekend. During this event, the museum's collection of historic warbirds is on display, and you can watch them take flight into the skies. This will include the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady", a legendary World War II aircraft. You'll even have the opportunity to hop aboard and take a flight on the plane. You can watch the Jones Beach Air Show from the flight line at Republic Airport. This year, the air show features the Canadian Forces Snow Birds and the US Navy Blue Angels.


The American Airpower Museum is held in a historic building which played a major role in US military history. 65 years ago, the current home of the museum was military complex at Republic Airport. This complex produced over 9,000 P-47 Thunderbolts here in Farmingdale. This plane, also known as the "Jug", eventually defeated Germany's best fighter pilots during World War II. A visit to the American Airpower Museum is a trip back into the past. You can view the same runways and hangars that sent these planes off to war, in a setting where a wide collection of other vintage aircraft are in their natural environment.


The museum's collection includes a wide selection of aircraft from various points during American history, including:

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Long Island is a bustling area full of businesses and development, but there is plenty of nature to appreciate here as well. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park is one of many beautiful parks that our Long Island personal injury law firm enjoy visiting in this region. It's both a park and a beach, with plenty of fun outdoor activities to take part in when the weather is nice. Some of the reasons why we frequently visit Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park include:


The beach is located on Oyster Bay. Be aware that the sand is covered in rocks. However, it's still quite a scenic area and we definitely enjoy long walks along the beach. Just make sure you bring some beach shoes to protect your feet from the rocks. You can also enjoy a relaxing swim here during the summertime. If you enjoy fishing, you can also get some angling in at the shore here or just take your boat out for a relaxing day on the water.

Biking and Roller Blading

The park features a bike and rollerblade path which runs along the entire length of the beach. If you like getting some exercise in with a backdrop of beautiful nature and history, then Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park is a must-see.

Sports Facilities

Anyone who enjoys playing sports outside will have a fun time at Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, as there are plenty of athletic facilities here:

Organize a game with family and friends or just show up and see if anyone needs an extra teammate.

Barbeques and Picnics

If you're looking for a picturesque location to host a family BBQ or picnic, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park is a fine choice. They have several BBQ pavilions which are available for party rentals, along with several picnic tables that also have BBQs and a covered gazebo to eat under.

Oyster Bay Festival

Each year, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park hosts the annual Oyster Bay Festival. This is the East Coast's largest waterfront festival and over 200,000 visitors attend it each year. It's been running for 35 years. There are a variety of fun activities here - some have been a part of the event since it's inception, while new ones have been added throughout the years. Some of these activities include:

And the best part of this festival - parking and admission are free!

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There are many perks to life on Long Island, including a variety of parks and natural areas to explore. During the spring and summer, our Long Island personal injury attorneys love taking family outings to the parks in the Woodbury area. It's a great way to bond with the family while exploring trails, playing sports, or enjoying a nice picnic outdoors. Some of our favorite parks near Woodbury include:

Stillwell Woods Park

Stillwell Woods Park is one of our favorite places to exercise in the outdoors. There are gorgeous bike trails here and it's one of the best mountain biking locations in all of Long Island. They have trails for all skill levels, with various difficulties and lengths. No matter the skill level of yourself or the people you're with, you're sure to find a trail to suit you well. You can also just take a casual stroll along these trails if you're not much of a mountain biker - just watch out for the bikers. Finally, they also have soccer and baseball fields which are great for intermural adult or youth sports leagues and casual games as well.

Syosset-Woodbury Community Park

Syosset-Woodbury Community Park is always bustling during the summertime. This is one of our favorite places to visit as a family and enjoy the nice weather with our neighbors, friends, and fellow community members. This well-rounded park offers a wide array of outdoor activities, including:

This park is even worth a visit during the winter, as you can go ice-skating or sledding on the massive hills they have here. You also can take a break from the ice while sitting around the fire and enjoying a rich hot chocolate. Syosset-Woodbury Community Park is a true gem that can be enjoyed year-round.

Cold Spring Harbor State Park

Cold Spring Harbor State Park is a must-see for hiking enthusiasts. There is a wooded hiking trail here which is fairly steep and of moderate difficulty. It runs about one mile, so walking from one end to the other and back is a decent workout. You can enjoy some beautiful views of the woods and the harbor during your hike. If you're a dog owner, you're free to bring your pet along for the hike as well.

Caumsett State Historic Park

Caumsett State Historical Park is one of the most naturally beautiful and scenic parks on Long Island. It's located on a peninsula which extends into Long Island Sound and features miles of bridle paths, nature trails, woodlands, meadows, rock shoreline, gardens, and salt marsh. This is one of our favorite places to go walking, jogging, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, fishing, and scuba diving.

Heckscher Park

Unofficially known as "the Central Park of Huntington village", Heckscher Park was a gift to the Huntington community by financier and philanthropist August Heckscher and his wife Nannie A. Hecksher. This picturesque green space spans 18 acres and also includes the Heckscher Museum of Art. It features a pond, play areas, gorgeous gardens, benches, tables, and more. There are also festivals held here throughout the year, including Huntington's Annual Fall Festival, Summer Arts Festival, and Spring Tulip Festival.

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During the summertime, a visit to an amusement park is one of the best ways to enjoy a fun day bonding with your family. For well over 50 years, Adventureland has been the most popular amusement park destination in Long Island. Located in East Farmingdale, this park offers a diverse combination of classic rides along with high-tech newer thrill rides. There are also plenty of arcade and outdoor games to enjoy while you're taking a break from the rides and some awesome restaurants, snack stands, and a food court serving a variety of delicious food. Some reasons why our Long Island personal injury lawyers love visiting Adventureland include:

Thrill Rides

Adventureland has six thrill rides for visitors who are looking for a little extra excitement at the park. These thrill rides offer varying degrees of excitement, so you can slowly ease your kids into the thrills. These rides include:

Kids & Family Rides

Adventureland has plenty of rides which are suitable for kids of all ages and their parents. These rides are great if your kids aren't quite ready for thrill rides yet:

Water Rides

Adventureland has a few water rides which offer a great way to cool off during a hot summer day:

Kiddie Rides

Like just about every amusement park, Adventureland has a selection of rides specifically designed for kids:

Other Attractions

If you're looking to take a break from the rides, there are plenty of other attractions to enjoy at Adventureland:

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There are plenty of great coffee options in the Woodbury, NY area. Many of our Long Island personal injury lawyers stop in for a cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich as part of our morning routine before we arrive at the office. Some of our favorite places to grab a coffee in this area include:

Demi's Cafe

Demi's is one of our favorite local cafes in Woodbury. It's more of a sit-down restaurant than the type of cafe you stop in at for a quick coffee to-go. This is one of our favorite places to go for weekend breakfasts or lunch breaks. The beverage menu here is simple, with offerings like standard coffee, cappuccino, hot and iced teas, hot chocolate, juice, and soda.

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts is one of our favorite nationwide coffee chains. We love to stop in here on our way to the office for a quick coffee and breakfast sandwich to go. The prices are affordable and you always know that you can expect good quality from Dunkin' Donuts.

Some of our favorite beverages here include:

And some of our favorite breakfast items include:


Starbucks is another one of our favorite chains, with consistently tasty coffee and food items. We like stopping in for both carryout coffee or to sit down and enjoy our beverage and quick meal at a table. They may have a bit higher prices than some other coffee shops, but the quality is worth it, in our opinion.

We regularly order the following beverages at Starbucks:

And some of our favorite breakfast foods to pair with our beverages include:

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain is another chain which specializes in fresh-baked bread and breakfast items, along with offering a variety of delicious coffee and hot beverages. We like stopping here for both breakfast and lunch.

We recommend the following beverages at Au Bon Pain:

When we're feeling hungry, we like to order the following all-day breakfast items:

Organic Krush

Organic Krush is a local chain with three different locations in the region. They specialize in health food, cold-pressed juices, and cleanses - but they also have some of our favorite coffee in the Woodbury area.

We recommend the following beverages at Organic Krush:

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Laurence P. Banville
Date Published: February 16, 2019
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